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Client Reviews

Michael literally saved my life, I was looking at a 25 year sentence for something I didn’t do and he was able to get the case completely dismissed. If you need someone smart and thorough to conduct your defense, Michael Pollok is the attorney you need!   – A.D.

Attorney Michael Pollok really knows what he is doing. He was able to analyze my case, found mistakes made by the police and my prior conviction was vacated which allowed me to avoid prison and a felony charge.  – J.P.

Michael has effective relationships with the local prosecutors and judges who you can tell respect him. His knowledge of the law was amazing and thanks to him my case was dismissed. Highest possible recommendation!  – T.J.

Michael was able to get me a favorable plea offer but we decided to go to trial because of weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and I walked away with an acquittal. Extremely confident, careful and successful.  – A.B.

Don’t hesitate to hire Michael Pollok if you need an excellent criminal defense lawyer. I regret what I did but I have never regretted hiring Michael for my case. He did a fantastic job for me.   – E.C.