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Client Reviews

Amazing lawyer. Absolutely 100% estatic with the result of my case. Handled everything quickly and efficiently. The results of it all were beyond my belief. Couldn’t have fathomed a better resolution. Highly and strongly recommend him to anyone. His team and him responded quickly and made the whole thing as stress free as possible. Couldn’t thank him and the team enough I’m thrilled.   – Kai Lock

Michael is a very good lawyer. He knows the law inside out. He helped me out in a very difficult time. He has won my original case and has been helping me fight the DMV for my license for the past 6 years. I would recommend attorney Michael Pollok to anyone who is in need of legal counsel.   – Stephen Schoonmaker

Michael Pollok invested an extensive amount of time to listen, understand and go over all the details with me which gave me a good night’s rest and confidence going into the trial. I could not be more than happy with the result. Thanks to him, I can finally put this one behind me and breathe a refreshing sigh of relief.   – Sean Jackson

It is clear that Michael’s experience and knowledge made a significant difference and he is really easy to talk to. While I hope I never require these services again, I cannot provide a better recommendation than to simply say call Michael Pollok first.   – Andrew Lyman

Michael Pollok provided me with the best possible criminal defense for what I would consider to be an extraordinary case. There could not have been a better result than a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict at the end of the trial. His uncompromising, experienced and knowledgeable drive to defend the charges was commendable.   – Jason Cameron

Michael managed to get the best possible result for me with charges being withdrawn. I believe that his experience allows him to provide his clients with the best possible advice. He is also very down to earth, honest and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend his services.   – Johnny James

Mr Michael Pollok took our son’s case beyond our expectations. He saw in my son the person he really is and that was important to us. Words are not enough to express our sentiments and gratitude.   – Jason Hemmings

Michael is a brilliant lawyer and an outstanding human being. He embodies the highest ethics and knowledge of the law. I give him my highest possible recommendation.   – Keith Hamilton

We were recently thrown into a traumatic experience involving our son and Michael Pollok did a top notch job representing him on an impaired driving charge. With Patrick’s seasoned approach and comprehensive knowledge of the law, as well as his strong relationships with the court, our son’s case ended in a very favourable result.   – Jonathan Ogden

I made a decision in which my passion got control of my thinking. I ended up getting 4 charges against me, with my whole life and professional career ahead of me. At the lowest points in my life I was introduced to Michael Pollok. Sure it took a little while, but he assured me he would get me out of this mess and he delivered. He fought all the 4 charges and I was able to move on from the fiasco and returning to regular life. I am forever grateful!   – Victor Nash

Before I hired Michael, my case dragged on for months without any progress. I had to attend one court appearance after another and I was deeply stressed about the whole situation. A while ago, I was finally at the point where I had to find a good lawyer who can resolve my case. I found Michael Pollok on AVVO and after reading his fantastic reviews I decided to meet with him. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. At our initial meeting, he set out what he was going to do and what he was likely to achieve. In the end, he achieved that result and managed to have the charge against me withdrawn. If you need a good lawyer for your case, consider Michael Pollok. He is a truly amazing lawyer.   – Samantha Clarkson

Michael Pollok is by far the best criminal defense lawyer I have ever met. He was very effective in getting my federal charges withdrawn. Michael was very professional and responsive to all of my questions. He was able to fight for my case and got all my police records cleared. It is true that his fees are higher than most other lawyers that I interviewed but the results were well worth the higher fees. No other lawyer was able to figure out a way to win my case. Thank you Michael and Team!   – Trevor Avery

Working with Michael was an amazing experience. I got my first (and only) DUI charge and I was terrified. The loss of my ability to drive meant my income stopped THAT day. I was referred to him by a family friend who is a paralegal who knew I needed the best of the best. I contacted Michael’s office and his staff was amazing. They were empathetic and heard my side of things. In no time, Michael represented me and got me a great resolution that I was satisfied with. If ANYBODY I know runs into trouble with the law, I will be recommending him only.   – Piers Hemmings

Michael Pollok is by far the most honest, hardworking and effective lawyer that I have ever come across. His assistance with beating my domestic assault charges was incredible. He was well respected by the prosecutor and the judge at the court getting all of my charges dropped. The judge even commented at the hearing to say that I had a great lawyer. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to my family and friends.   – John Kelly

I was referred to Michael Pollok by a friend of mine who had hired him a few years ago and was happy with his services/results. After hiring him, I can honestly say that his positive AVVO reviews and past client recommendations are 100% accurate. He is a true fighter for his clients. He will not settle for second place and in my experience he fights to get the BEST results possible. He was at times difficult to get a hold of because he’s in court every single day but I never felt out in the dark about the status of my file since his Legal Assistant was constantly updating me regarding my case. If I needed an in person meeting with him I was never denied the opportunity to meet at the office I just needed to book it in advance. My case was resolved even better than I expected and Michael made sure to destroy my fingerprints, photos and police records of arrest. Extremely satisfied with his office. Thank you Michael.   – Dominic Parr

Michael Pollok was very professional and highly competent in dealing with my case. He outlined the best legal plan of action, including which steps we had to take to rectify the situation, and proceeded very effectively and promptly. To be honest, while shopping around for legal representation, I was getting bombarded with negative information and the possibility of the legal case ending with very dire consequences. However, in our first meeting, Michael was able to explain everything clearly and I left feeling cautiously optimistic with the plan that we had set in place. That feeling paid off because Michael worked very hard and managed to close the case quicker and with better results than I had expected. I feel very grateful for his hard work and would highly recommend him or would turn to him again if needed (knock on wood).   – Una Allan

I was first referred to Michael by a close friend after he had seen his reviews. My situation was a complicated one in regards to a Driving under the Influence charge. Based on the events that took place on that night, I was incredibly confused as to how I could proceed with the courts. After meeting with Michael, I was incredibly confident in his abilities as a law professional. He assessed my situation with a great deal of focus and efficiency, while providing me with his full attention at any time I felt the need to call on him. During the court proceedings, I was very happy with his professionalism and case research skills. He was confident in his ability to execute a solid defense on my behalf and as a result, had all my charges dismissed. I would not hesitate to call upon his help once again or to recommend his skills to anyone else. I couldn’t be more thankful for his advice and skills as a law professional   – Melanie Stewart

Fantastic Lawyer! Extremely honest and hardworking. Michael goes the extra mile for his clients. He will continue fighting until the best possible outcome is achieved. He explains the process in easy to understand language and makes you feel like part of the solution by involving you through every step of the case. He’s the best lawyer for all criminal cases.   – Anne Slater

Michael is a rock solid criminal lawyer and I’ve had to use my fair share of lawyers in the past. When he makes a promise he keeps a promise. He beat 3 of my friend’s DUI cases over a 2 year period. Very well mannered, punctual and experienced lawyer who understands winning your case is the first priority.   – Tracey Peters

I was in need of a great lawyer and was referred to Michael. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! He was professional, courteous and took the time to analyze all aspects of my case for the best possible outcome. He was always well prepared and knew what to suggest for each step of the way. The result was above expectations and I was grateful for the outcome. I would highly recommend him.   – Adam Ball

Incredible lawyers. I can’t thank them enough. I was extremely worried about my DWI charge. Michael Pollok did all he could to get my charge DISMISSED. I couldn’t believe it. Extremely intelligent and result oriented approach coupled with genuine care for the clients. So lucky to have found him. Would definitely recommend. I don’t think any other lawyer would do for you anything that they do here.   – Liane Holmes

I was charged and desperate to find a good lawyer. After my first meeting with Michael Pollok, I felt optimistic and confident that he would get my charges dropped. He delivered his promise and got my charges dropped within the first few court dates. He even goes to the lengths of getting your fingerprints, mugshots and record of arrest destroyed. On top of being an exceptional lawyer, he’s very personable and friendly. He goes above and beyond to keep you informed and help you feel at ease throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Michael if you’re looking for a lawyer to win your case.   – Joseph Christianson

Michael was amazing in having my charges dropped at the court. Originally I was facing jail time for an assault causing bodily harm charge. After hiring him to fight for me and explain the situation to the court he was able to convince the judge to drop the case. My result was no criminal record and no probation. This exceeded all of my expectations because all the other lawyers that I talked to before I hired Michael told me that I would be lucky not to go to jail. Michael has proven time and time again that he is one of the best criminal lawyers in Kingston. His price was higher but his results made it worthwhile.   – Rod Daddario

Extremely satisfied with the results of my case. Michael Pollok went the extra mile to explain the process to me and got me the result of no criminal record. The judge congratulated me and said that your lawyer worked out an excellent resolution. I would highly recommend Michael Pollok to all my friends and family in need of a criminal lawyer.   – Kermit Flakes

What a Lawyer! My partner just had her charges dropped in court today because of Michael. This lawyer is beyond excellent; he was on top of everything and was extremely prepared at the trial. When the judge asked him to provide a case similar to the one we were fighting Michael pulled out 10 cases from his briefcase to show the judge the law.   – Anton Canty

By far the best criminal lawyers around. Michael Pollok and his team were able to drop my Refuse to Provide Breath Sample charge down to a traffic ticket. No criminal record and no suspension of my driver’s license. Above all Michael is very personable and makes sure that you are informed about every step of your case. He will give you the straight answers to questions you have and make you comfortable along the way.   – Alberta Mager

We were recently thrown into a traumatic experience involving our son and Michael Pollok did a top notch job representing him on an impaired driving charge. With Patrick’s seasoned approach and comprehensive knowledge of the law, as well as his strong relationships with the court, our son’s case ended in a very favourable result.   – Olivia Avery

Michael Pollok is a down to earth type of person whom I felt comfortable with as soon as I sat down for my consultation. He doesn’t give you false hope and make your expectation run high. He fought for me when I thought I was doomed. It was my second DUI and the outcome was really good. I still have my charge, but avoided jail time which was what I was terrified about. Thank you Michale for all your help!   – Mercy Frazier

I used Michael to assist in a personal matter and could not be happier with the outcome. Michael was very knowledgeable, extremely accessible and he went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I would absolutely use his services again and would highly recommend his law firm to anyone in need.   – Jeff Bezick

He turned a very stressful situation into a positive one. He did his research (thoroughly), worked hard (to represent the client), and produced the results (better than expected). Not to mention, he is personable, reassuring, and extremely communicative throughout the process.   – John Smith

Michael literally saved my life, I was looking at a 25 year sentence for something I didn’t do and he was able to get the case completely dismissed. If you need someone smart and thorough to conduct your defense, Michael Pollok is the attorney you need!   – A.D.

Attorney Michael Pollok really knows what he is doing. He was able to analyze my case, found mistakes made by the police and my prior conviction was vacated which allowed me to avoid prison and a felony charge.  – J.P.

Michael has effective relationships with the local prosecutors and judges who you can tell respect him. His knowledge of the law was amazing and thanks to him my case was dismissed. Highest possible recommendation!  – T.J.

Michael was able to get me a favorable plea offer but we decided to go to trial because of weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and I walked away with an acquittal. Extremely confident, careful and successful.  – A.B.

Don’t hesitate to hire Michael Pollok if you need an excellent criminal defense lawyer. I regret what I did but I have never regretted hiring Michael for my case. He did a fantastic job for me.   – E.C.