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Defending You Against Speeding And Other Traffic Infractions 

If you get a speeding ticket, moving violation or another traffic infraction, DON’T PLEAD GUILTY! Instead, fill out the back of the ticket in the section called plead NOT GUILTY and mail it to the court where the case is pending. Be sure to make a copy of the front and back of the filled-out ticket. Then call us! We will get your driving record and prepare the necessary paperwork so we can appear for you in court when you get your court date. You won’t even have to appear. We will then do our very best to resolve the case with the special prosecutor, police officer and court to get you a no-point infraction. We know the local police, judges and special prosecutors and know how to deal with them so you get the best possible result. Traffic tickets cost money because they raise your insurance premiums, so have an experienced attorney handle the ticket for you.

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