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What Is Medicaid And Medicare Fraud?

Unfortunately, even the simplest mistake can lead to an accusation of Medicaid or Medicare fraud. Since 1994, the Law Offices of Michael Pollok, PLLC, has represented clients throughout New York. We can untangle the mess you find yourself in and work toward the best possible result. We are here to listen to your concerns and address any issues you want to discuss.

Understanding The Process And How We Help

Simply put, Medicare or Medicaid fraud is when someone tries to get unfairly high payouts from these government-funded health care programs. Medical professionals, facilities and patients can all be accused of doing so. Whether a doctor is said to have performed unnecessary tests or a patient wrongly identifies themselves to receive services, it can all be considered illegal. Unfortunately, these cases are often the result of a misunderstanding.

If someone is building a case against you, you will often get a letter in the mail, which requests an interview with the investigative party. From the start, it is important to reach out to an experienced lawyer. Having someone present who understands the law is crucial. You are also not obligated to answer any questions the investigator asks. It is then our job, as your representative, to communicate with the opposing party to understand these claims. We then do research on our own to build a case in your defense. Whether it is negotiating on your behalf, fighting the charges or finding a solution, we will do everything we can to help put this behind you.

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At the mere suggestion of Medicaid or Medicare fraud, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney. We can examine your situation and provide you with honest feedback as to what you can expect. Schedule a consultation in our Kingston or Red Hook office by calling 845-406-9349 today.